Hey folks, I’m Saelyyia. If you’ve found your way here you are probably a bit curious about who I am and what I’m all about so I’ll tell you. The simple answer to who I am is that I’m a costumer, waist-trainer, entertainer, gamer, free-spirit, and fantasy junkie. Now allow me to expand on those:

Costumer – I make fantasy costumes and historical pieces mostly but i occasionally branch out into other things or do commissions for other people.

Waist-Trainer – I wear authentic steal boned corsets to train my waist down. No this is not painful because I do this safely and slowly. You are welcome to message me any question you have have. I am not too shy and I love chatting.

Entertainer – I do events and parties as various characters with costumes that either I have made or I have had made specifically for me. The most popular one this year is Queen Elsa from Frozen but she isn’t my only persona.

Gamer – Yes I am a gamer girl. Mostly World of Warcraft. Loktar Ogar! However I do play some other games: Hero’s of the Storm, Guild Wars 2, and Diablo 3.

Free-Spirit – This is pretty self explanatory. If you take a look around you can see that I tend to be on the eccentric side and that’s okay. I do what makes me happy whether that is going grocery shopping as a fairy or holding a victorian high tea with my friend’s and family, etc.

Fantasy Junkie – I am a sucker for all things fantasy, especially if they are lore based or immersive. I have always been fascinated with the mystic, the magic, and the mystery.