Meet Saelyyia

Well hello there dearies, and welcome to my world; one of magic and wonder where wishes and dreams do indeed come true. Fairies dance among the flowers, Fauns plan their pipes in the woods, the Mermaids sing from the rocky shorelines. Won’t you stay awhile? The tales I can tell you and the sights I can show you. I promise you won’t be sorry… But who am I you ask? Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Saelyyia (Sail-Yuh) and I am what you could call a modern fairy. I spend my days blending in to boring and responsibility riddled human world, but whenever I get the chance I return to Faerie to play with others like myself. At the very heart of it I am a Costumer, entertainer, gamer, free-spirit, and fantasy junkie as most people would call it. I spend much of my free time creating new and beautiful fantasy costumes, am a character performer for events, and play video games. With an imagination that is always ticking my family very early on started calling me their little fairy. It was very clear I just did not fit in with others, many used to say it was like I was from a different time. So as I got older I have decided to embrace this. I live to make people smile and spread the magic because it is too easy to forget it exists and get bogged down by all the negativity and stress we have brought into the world.

Now I am sure you are questioning how I can claim to be a fairy when I look like any other girl on the street, minus the flowers in my hair and the wings of course. The answer is simple. You probably know lots of fae and just don’t know it. That girl who just can’t stay away from the water and never misses an opportunity to enjoy a swim, that grouchy guy who would prefer to be off camping in the woods alone instead of sitting around in town surrounded by all the noise and chaos, that friend who is almost too graceful with fine features who just loves making things. We are everywhere, but with the advancement of the modern era we have learned to evolve, adapt, and blend in. However that does not stop us from letting our true nature shine through.

So if you will allow me, I would like to share some of my world with you. One where Fauns, Elves, Fairies, Mermaids, goblins, and other such creatures of fairytales come to life. I will give you a look inside my own lair and take you on a journey of creation, magic, and more…



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